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My name is Skadi and I am a freelance graphic designer. Ever since I was a kid I have been into art. When I was two years old I started drawing. Ten years later I started drawing portraits.

As soon as I found out about graphic design I wanted to learn more about it and I started designing with Adobe Illustrator. Since then I have been gaining experience and built my graphic design skills. I love designing tattoos. I am especially into fine line art and patchwork style. I have always had a good sense for harmony and aesthetic in design which made me want to share this with my clients to make them profit from working with me!

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Kann sie nur weiterempfehlen, sehr professionell und das Endergebnis war sehr beeindruckend, immer wieder gern

Can only recommend her, very professional and the end result was very impressive, would always do it again

Because your work has value

Weil deine Arbeit Wert hat


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